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Stay Connected In Today’s Fast-Paced
Business World

We specialize in providing cost effective telecommunications solutions for the small to medium sized business community. Our personalized service and full-service support approach are just one of the things that sets us apart from other Hosted VoIP providers. We offer both phone and email technical support. That's right. You can pick up the phone and actually talk to a live person regarding your support needs. We're here to serve you and solve any telecom need.

Included With Your Phone Solution

Automated Attendant

An Auto Attendant removes the need for a staffed operator. Our experts will work with your team to create a phone menu tree that rapidly directs your callers to the right department.

Be Anywhere

COVID has made the ability to move locations and receive calls a requirement, not a luxury. With Level 4 you can take your handset home and phone calls are routed to you automatically.


At Level 4 we only use the best Voice over IP equipment. It is reliable with great sound quality. They are also very inexpensive so startup costs are extremely low. Move into the future today!

PBX Features

Cost saving VoIP technology
Digital IVR (Auto Attendant)
Personal Voicemail for all users
Voicemail-to-Email functionality
Call Routing based on time conditions
Fail Safe Routing (Call Fail Over)
Location to Location call transfers
Seamless multiple location integration
Local, Out of Area, and Toll Free Number Support
Unlimited Personalized Voicemail
Support for ring groups
Remote User Support
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Music On Hold
Call Parking
Follow-me support
Paging & Intercom
Global Address Book

Service Features

Free Domestic Long Distance Included
Free initial configuration & setup
Free ongoing service and support
Free professional voice work included
USA Technical Support

Fax Features

Fax to email (E-Fax)
Desktop Faxing
Web-based Faxing

Ideal For All Types of Businesses

Professional and Personal Services

Our phone systems get your customers to the right place fast. An operator or auto attendant can direct calls to extensions or mobile devices instantly with high quality sound.

Medical & Health

Medical environments need tough equipment to survive. Level 4 phones are very durable, have volume controls for any hearing level, are headset adaptable and have speakerphones letting you interact with customers your way.

Business on the Move

Our IP phones can be used from anywhere you like - your office, your home office, remote offices, etc. Just plug in the phone into your home or office network and calls will automatically be routed there with no setting changes.

Sample Hardware

We proudly feature the full suite of Yealink brand, IP communication hardware. Yealink is one of the top IP phone manufactures in the world, featuring a complete suite of office IP VoIP equipment such as: Desk Phones, Cordless Phones, Conference Phones, and Video Conference Solutions. Yealink phones cover a wide range of client needs and price points.